Your project is going sideways, it’s in critical condition and you can’t figure out why.  It’s a feeling – right?  First step is to look in the mirror.  As a Project Manager, am I doing all the things I should be?  Take an inventory of your process groups to isolate areas where you’re uncomfortable.  Here are some examples:

  • Scope – do we as a team really understand what we’re trying to accomplish.  Not only requirements, but the objectives.  The bigger picture.
  • Team – do I have the right people?  Am I missing any skillsets?
  • Communication – are we talking…and to the right people?
  • Work Plan – have we broken down the work to the right level of detail?  Are things falling through the cracks?
  • Issues and Risks – have I thoroughly identified both?  What are we doing about it?

Take a deep breath – stick to your processes.  Even the most troubled project can be resuscitated.