A continuing post in the Project 911 series…

Your project is going sideways, it’s in critical condition and you can’t figure out why.  Scope has been nailed down and you have the right people.  What next? 

Project execution is much more than plans and schedules – right?  Projects seldom go off track because people don’t do the work.  It’s because we don’t talk – at least not enough and about the right things.  Consider a well-designed communication rhythm.  Short recurring framework of meetings (daily stand-up, weekly check-in, monthly sponsor reviews, etc.) that ensure communication is effective both internal to the project team and external to other stakeholder groups like your sponsors and customers.  Stick to the facts – where are we today, where do we need to be tomorrow, and what is blocking our way.  Remaining transparent about progress as well as issues will help keep your team and stakeholders aligned, dramatically reducing the likelihood your project goes off track.  

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