We continue our 911 Series with a focus on how to resuscitate a critical project that seems to be going sideways. After understanding the scope of the project, the next step is to consider the team members and whether they have the necessary skillsets and personalities to achieve the project’s objectives.

It is not enough to focus solely on technical skills. The project scope should guide the selection process, considering the support needed from various departments such as back-office help, marketing, and production. Personality traits are also essential to consider. While it is desirable to have team members who get along, it is essential to have individuals who are willing to hold themselves and their colleagues accountable. Therefore, it may be necessary to add a Shark to the team, a person who adds value based on their expertise but does not always get along with others. The Shark is direct and will call people out when the work or quality is lacking. However, it is crucial to select a Shark who can be influenced, as you do not want a Shark who creates more problems than they solve.

Additionally, it is vital to avoid selecting the usual suspects when forming a project team. Instead, consider bringing in new team members with fresh perspectives, furthering the professional development of colleagues and expanding the talent pool for future projects.

It is crucial to select the right team, as plans and schedules are meaningless if you cannot execute them. A well-selected team is more likely to achieve the project’s objectives, even when faced with challenges.

If you feel confident in your project team, the next step is to focus on project communication. Effective communication is essential in ensuring everyone is aligned, transparent about progress, and aware of any issues that may arise. In the next post of the Project 911 series, we will dive deeper into project communication and how to create a communication rhythm to keep the project on track.