COVID-19 Business Planning Guidance

The guidance outlined below is intended to serve as reminders of steps you can take now to be intentional about how you and your business will overcome the current economic conditions relative to the COVID19 outbreak. This is not an exhaustive list and may illuminate other steps to be taken specific to your organization.






Topics Covered Include:

  • Critical Spending Plan
  • Secondary Funding
  • Cash Conservation
  • Vendor/Creditor Outreach
  • Employee Communications
  • Short-Term Staffing Plan
  • Government Agency Support
  • Client Outreach
  • Recovery Spending Plan
  • Recovery Staffing Plan
  • Leadership Best Practices

Help is available

If COVID19 isn’t scary enough, navigating the economic crisis challenges us all. You are not alone – please contact me and we can discuss any aspect of planning to see you and your business through to recovery.