Paul Mead was recently invited by Michael Rogers at SBAM to spend a few minutes discussing ClearPath Strategic and how Paul works with clients to grow their businesses. Paul shares some tips on strategic planning and how important it is to be able to execute.

Spend a few minutes with this podcast and if you are a business owner who wants to grow the “right” way, contact Paul Mead today.

Michael and Paul discuss tips for any size or type of business to scale, get organized, and accelerate maturity to get to the next level.

See how self-awareness and discipline fit into business success, and why a plan can’t just be words on paper, collecting dust.

Paul addresses two common challenges small businesses face in growth – financial and execution capacity problems. He addresses reducing “growing pains,” recruitment challenges, and execution accountability on a growing team.

Also discussed, Pauls seat on the Michigan Health System board of directors and the exciting things happening in Traverse City’s economy, where Paul is headquartered.

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