If something happens to me, I’m all set – my business and my family have a:


Business Continuity Plan


Estate Plan


Final Instructions

What are final instructions?

As business and family leaders, we periodically consider planning for when things go wrong. Business Continuity Plan, Success Plan, Estate Plan, the list goes on… These are important plans that focus on your wishes for how your business or personal affairs should be handled.

Great, but do these types of plans go far enough?

Does your spouse, business partner, or executor know specifically what steps to take in your absence? How do I notify people, what do I do about household finances, how do I arrange for a funeral, how should I handle all the personal affects? Final instructions address these types of questions specifically.

Why? It is our responsibility as business leaders, husbands, wives, and parents to ease the burden of our departure as much as possible. We do this by leaving behind clear wishes and very specific instructions on what to do next and how to do it.

How do final instructions work?

Defining your final instructions is done through an interview(s) where we discuss details specific to intentionally executing your wishes and providing guidance to your staff and/or loved ones. The instructions are outlined as action steps with added helpful information. The document is sealed and safeguarded. In the event of an emergency, your spouse, business partner, or executor simply breaks the seal and works the list.

Walking through this type of planning with someone qualified is the key – you will have a more complete and organized plan. Detailing your final instructions is uncomfortable and deeply personal and I understand that. Trust and discretion are paramount – contact ClearPath Strategic for more information.