ClearPath Strategic is passionate about organizing businesses and accelerating maturity.  Simply put, we help you establish sound business practices to grow and mature.  Equally important, we map out actionable plans to make your success a reality.



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Growth Operating Model

Give your business leaders context for decision making. We’ll guide you in developing a meaningful and practical Mission & Vision that articulates your core purpose and the key goal that drives your business. Growth Management is much more than strategic planning. We bring strategy, effective execution, and strong communication together in a simple process allowing for deliberate and predictable business outcomes.

Maxbauer Meat Market

Maxbauer’s Specialty Meats knew that to achieve their goals, things would need to change. Once engaged with ClearPath, an actionable business strategy and execution model was developed. Executive advising and support were put into place to make sure key leaders remained aligned throughout.

Quote from Mark Wilson, Maxbauer Owner

Within 10 months of our first meeting, we have opened our second location, we are on track to almost double our sales by the end of this year, and the future could not look brighter.

The best part of ClearPath is the executive level influence of an extremely talented heart and mind in Paul Mead. His comprehensive understanding of the simplicity of business and interpersonal relationships is genius. Some might think they cannot afford a business advisor; I contend you cannot afford not to contact ClearPath. Call Paul today to make your tomorrow successful.

Revenue Growth

Doubled revenue in the first year with ClearPath

Retail Growth

Opened a second Michigan retail location

Production Growth

Established an operational production facility

Business Advisory Services

Translate business objectives into actionable and practical work plans. Even with a well-designed strategy, comprehensive operational planning is needed to keep daily operations running effectively with an eye for the future.

Springfield Roofing

It’s lonely at the top as the cliché goes. For business Owners, Executives, and Senior Leaders – who do you talk to when you have concerns, doubts, indecision? Turning to a business advisor can be effective external counsel when you need a clear perspective or fresh insights. Working with Springfield Commercial Roofing, their leaders have access to an advisor that’s been there. Whether it was how to position the business for growth, or how to best navigate the pandemic, the team at Springfield have had the wisdom to get help when needed.

Quote from Nick Jacqmain, Springfield Roofing CEO

“Whether it be a strategic planning initiative or day to day business operations, the business advisory services provided by ClearPath Strategic has helped our business transition from operating from a mindset of “fire drill mode” to a mindset of being intentional and clear as we improve our process. This partnership has provided positive results both on paper and within the mindset of our team.”


Improved leadership, team alignment, and performance

Personal Growth

Created a culture of planning and decision making


Achieved revenue and cost containment targets

Project Management

Executing your strategic plan centers around key projects and operational work. We offer PMP credentialed PMO development and project management. From start to end, we will support you in developing best practice methodologies to improve project organization, communication, and success.

Organizational Development

Accelerate the growth and maturity of your business by mapping stages of development for your products and departments. We’ll guide you in developing actionable plans to transform your organization from being ad-hoc and reactive to well organized and deliberate.

A well developed organizational design is the cornerstone to your ability to fully execute strategic and operational plans.  It has become cliché now – right person in the right seat on the bus.  What we need to determine though is which and how many busses?  What kind of seats and how many?  How will we know when to add seats or busses.  Perhaps an oversimplification, but being intentional about your organizational design and maturity continuum is what will set you on the right path to realize your organizational goals.

Intentional Design

Planned Growth

Engaged Team

Trusted By Top Companies